Republicans Aren’t Backing Off Ending Medicare, but They’re Spinning so Hard They Must be Getting Dizzy

Congressional Republicans aren’t backing off their efforts to end Medicare as we know it, but they’re spinning so hard they must be getting dizzy. The fact remains, they voted for their budget and no amount of spinning can change that.

So what’s really going on? The only answer is the GOP is in disarray. From the New York Times:

…Privately some top aides said the conflicting and unclear message from the leadership had left many Republican lawmakers confused and unhappy.

“It is a big problem,” one aide said. “Things are unraveling.”

Their latest desperate tactic to shift the focus from their vote to end Medicare was we know it is to ask Democrats, “Where is Yours?”. From National Journal:

Republicans tried to paint Democrats into a corner over the future of the Medicare program on Thursday, saying that if their 2012 budget plan to turn the federal health program for the elderly into a subsidy system is unacceptable, Democrats must bring other proposals to the table.

Democrats do have a plan to ensure older Americans have access to affordable, high quality care – it’s called Medicare. Medicare currently serves more than 46 million Americans and the Affordable Care Act, which Republicans have spent so much time trying to repeal, strengthened the program for beneficiaries: cut waste, fraud and abuse, extended solvency by 12 years, eliminated out-of-pocket costs for preventative care services, and helped nearly 4 million seniors pay for prescription drugs in 2010 alone.

Republicans voted to end Medicare are we know it to give tax breaks to Big Oil and millionaires. Democrats are committed to strengthening and saving Medicare. And you can’t spin those facts.

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