GOP on Ending Medicare: No Retreat! No Surrender!

It’s been a dizzyingly long week for the GOP followed by a lot of “confusion” as they spun their vote to end Medicare as we know it. This afternoon they floated yet another message strategy–when all else fails, blame the media:

According to the GOP, now it’s the media’s fault because it “has created a ‘false narrative’” around their shifting Medicare rhetoric.

Unfortunately for Americans, Republicans are now saying there is “no retreat” from their budget that ends Medicare as we know it to give tax breaks to Big Oil and millionaires. The Hill – GOP: No retreat from Medicare reform plan:

House Republicans are pushing back against reports that they are retreating from plans to reform Medicare in the face of voter opposition.

Aides told The Hill Friday that the media has created a “false narrative” of retreat and said the GOP is standing up for the 2012 budget resolution authored by Budget Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)

“The Ryan budget is the overall Republican policy and that has not changed,” one aide said.

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