To:  Congressional Republicans
Fr:   Democratic Leader’s Press Office
Dt:  May 27, 2011
Re:  Whiplash Alert – Your Difficult Game of Follow the Leader

We write because we want to express our concern for your well-being.  It seems like you could easily suffer from whiplash.

Speaker Boehner and your leadership team are asking you to spin harder your vote to end Medicare and are blaming the message, not the policy, for its unpopularity with the American people.  And your Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan is invoking Winston Churchill while committing to defend the Republican Medicare-ending budget that the American people have rejected…

“We are on the right side of history. We are ready. I talked to at least 100 Republican members in the last two days.  They all told me, ‘We gotta go, we’ve got to defend this.’ They are not queasy. They are all saying, ‘Put me in coach.’ Our members are comfortable.”… [National Journal, 5/27]

…Yet your same leaders are desperately trying to change the subject:     

Despite Ryan’s will to fight, there are signs that House GOP leaders are moving on from the Medicare debate. They unveiled a job-creation bill on Thursday and next week will vote on a “clean” debt-ceiling bill that’s bound to fail because it doesn’t contain spending cuts. But since the White House, through Vice President Joe Biden, has already agreed to negotiations over spending cuts as part of debt-ceiling compromise, next week’s strikes many Democrats as a mindless theatrics. [National Journal, 5/27]

It’s obvious you are getting mixed signals (and a potential whiplash) from your own leadership:

In this time of crisis, try listening to the American people—and join Democrats in strengthening Medicare and passing our Make It In America agenda.   

And by the way, despite making false claims to the contrary, your very own Speaker Boehner has voted to cut more than $800 billion from Medicare since 1991. 

@NumbersToKnow: $814.3 billion: Amount @SpeakerBoehner has voted to cut from Medicare since ’91 cc @michael_steel

TPM – Despite What Boehner Says, Republicans Have Voted To Cut Medicare, Repeatedly

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