Democrats Stand United Against Latest GOP Scheme: ‘Cut, Cap and Balance’

Today House Republicans abruptly announced plans to bring to the floor their so-call “cut, cap and balance” plan – yet another outrageous ploy to advance their ideological agenda that ends Medicare while protecting tax breaks for Big Oil and companies that ship American jobs overseas.


One last point on the balanced budget amendment. I don’t know what version they’re going to be presenting, but some of the balanced budget amendments that have been floating up there — this cap — or cut, cap and balance, for example, when you look at the numbers, what you’re looking at is cuts of half-a-trillion dollars below the Ryan budget in any given year. I mean, it would require cutting Social Security or Medicare substantially. [7/15]


…it’s outrageous. I’ll tell you what. We’ll talk about that later. I want to see what it is because we just heard about it, but it is as bad as their balanced so-called—and it wasn’t a balanced budget amendment. It was a Trojan Horse to bring in the Ryan plan again. This is even worse, from what I’ve heard. But I have to go see it because that was just announced …but what we know of it and what was introduced by the Republican Senators before, this is even worse. [7/15]


This partisan bill will not do anything to ensure America pays its bills, nor is it the meaningful action we need to substantially reduce the deficit in a balanced way so that the burden doesn’t fall on our seniors and the middle class. [7/15]

Democrats stand united against this draconian GOP bill that would result in immediate draconian budget cuts felt by America’s middle class families, seniors and small businesses and would jeopardize our nation’s fiscal stability.

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