What Would President Reagan Say?

House Republicans are playing political games with our nation’s economy. Today, the GOP will vote on their “Cut, Cap and End Medicare” plan – a plan more extreme than the Ryan budget – that will destroy 700,000 jobs, harm our fragile recovery and end Medicare rather than work with President Obama and Democrats to find a balanced plan to grow the economy, create jobs, lower the deficit, protect Social Security and Medicare benefits and avoid an unprecedented default crisis.

Interestingly, according to the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, even “Ronald Reagan’s entire presidency would’ve been unconstitutional under CC&B [Cut, Cap, and Balance].”

It’s time for the GOP to have “an adult moment”:

President Reagan knew the definition of “adult moment” while House Republicans are running down the clock with partisan legislation that would just make our economy worse:

Washington Monthly’s Steve Benen:

…the House will waste a day on the “Cut, Cap, and Balance Act,” which would take a chainsaw to public investments and entitlement programs. Whether it passes the chamber or not doesn’t much matter — the plan can’t overcome White House and Senate opposition — since the day’s exercise is about making right-wing Republican lawmakers feel better about themselves.

…The longer this takes, and the right-wing members saber-rattle, the greater the likelihood of the markets panicking.

TIME’s Alex Altman:

… failing to strike a deal would be an enormous, unprecedented disaster. But this is a reality that a chunk of House Republicans have yet to accept.

At first blush, House Republicans’ dismissal of overwhelming evidence from a bipartisan crop of experts seems staggering. But this is a party whose governing philosophy is predicated on the idea that government is perversely swollen, and that cutting off the circulation to some of its limbs can alleviate pressure without causing irreparable harm.

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