What is One Thing the GOP is Really Good At? Wasting Time and Walking Away…

What is one thing the GOP is really good at?

Clearly, it’s not jobs legislation: The GOP has been in charge of the House for more than 200 days and hasn’t passed a single GOP jobs bill – voting to destroy nearly 2 million jobs, even though poll after poll has shown jobs and the economy are Americans’ number one priority.

The thing the GOP really excels at is wasting time and walking away.

Speaker Boehner and the GOP leadership balked at attempts to compromise, walking away from the table not once but twice even though the full faith and credit of the nation sits in the balance.

This week the GOP leadership has wasted precious time twisting arms and cajoling members to vote for yet another partisan and unbalanced scheme that will not become law.

Speaker John Boehner told lawmakers Thursday that Republicans don’t yet have the votes to pass the GOP’s debt ceiling package, but predicted his leadership team would get the legislation across the finish line this evening… Republican leaders also spent much of Wednesday twisting arms and lobbying lawmakers to commit to a “yes” vote. [Politico, 7/28]

The Republican Default Act is dead on arrival in the Senate – all 51 Democratic Senators and 2 independents sent a letter to Speaker Boehner saying they would oppose his partisan plan and a number of Republican Senators stand opposed to the plan.

…in the Senate, Mr. Reid sent Mr. Boehner a letter signed by all 51 Senate Democrats and two independents assuring that his legislation, which would raise the debt ceiling for roughly six months — far less than President Obama wants — faced certain failure in his chamber. “Your approach would force us once again to face the threat of default in five or six short months,” the letter said. A number of Senate Republicans also oppose the House bill… [New York Times, 7/28]

It’s time to stop wasting time – the American economy is on the line.

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