July Jobs Report

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The Department of Labor announced that the economy added a total of 117,000 jobs in July, including 154,000 in the private sector, and the unemployment rate fell slightly to 9.1 percent:

Private Sector Jobs - July

All Jobs July - Chart

Leader Pelosi on the July jobs report:

Today’s jobs report shows some signs of progress, but still serves as a clear reminder: our work must be putting people back to work. Spurring economic growth and creating jobs will reduce the deficit.

‪After more than 210 days with no jobs plans, Republicans must join Democrats to enact our bipartisan solutions and our ‘Make It In America’ initiative: rebuilding our infrastructure; investing in innovation and clean energy; leveling the playing field for American businesses and workers by demanding China start playing fair in global trade.

It is long past time for Republicans to get off the sidelines, listen to the American people and work with Democrats to create jobs, strengthen our middle class, and help our small businesses and entrepreneurs attract customers, grow, and hire.

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