Memo to House GOP: One Word to Describe Your Behavior

To: Congressional Republicans
Fr: Democratic Leader’s Press Office
Dt: August 9, 2011
Re: One Word to Describe Your Behavior

Let’s get this straight…

You continue to ignore job creation (217 days and counting);

You brought our country to the brink of default and an economic catastrophe so you could protect tax breaks for Big Oil, companies that ship jobs overseas, and the wealthiest Americans.

But you’re not done yet. Despite opposition from the American people, your leadership doubled down on their pledge to protect special interests tax breaks.

66 percent of Americans favor raising income tax rates on top earners [USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, 8/9]

60 percent of Americans favor raising revenues by making changes in the tax code [USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, 8/9]

Seriously? As Democrats work in good faith towards balanced deficit reduction and job creation, you are continuing your “my way or the highway” approach.

59 percent of Americans disapprove of the Republican Party, while 33 percent approve [CNN/ORC Poll, 8/8]

There is only one word to describe this behavior: RECKLESS.

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