Lost in Translation: The Boehner-Cantor Op-Ed

In today’s USA Today, Speaker Boehner and Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor co-author an op-ed which misses the mark completely – ignoring jobs and defending the GOP’s ideological agenda to end Medicare and cut Social Security for our working families while protecting tax breaks and loopholes for Big Oil and companies that ship American jobs overseas.

When they wrote this…

…This spring, the House passed a budget that would cut spending by trillions of dollars and encourage private-sector job creation through economic growth — without raising taxes. Among its key components are tax reforms that broaden the base and lower the rates for everyone, while making the tax code more fair by closing loopholes.

Our budget also included real reforms that preserve and strengthen our insolvent entitlement programs, which are the biggest drivers of our debt.

…the American people know they meant this:

Ever since passing the GOP-Ryan budget in April, Congressional Republicans have been feverishly trying to sell people back in their districts on this grossly unpopular ideological scheme.

But the American people know when House Republicans passed their “road to ruin” budget, they voted to end Medicare and reduce benefits to seniors. The GOP budget would increase costs to seniors by $6,000 in order to give millionaires $200,000 more in tax breaks and put insurance companies in charge of seniors’ health care while giving tens of billions in tax breaks to Big Oil and companies that ship jobs overseas.

And when they wrote this…

Over the last few months, we tried to persuade President Obama to do something significant to address our debt crisis, on the scale achieved in the House Republican budget…

… we all know they really meant this:

House Republicans couldn’t even convince all of the Senate Republicans to back the House GOP budget plan that ends Medicare. Left completely lost about what to do next, the House GOP blamed the President and refused to work with Congressional Democrats on legislation that could pass the Senate that would put Americans back to work. In fact, House Republicans voted 10 times against Democratic proposals to create jobs here at home.

And, finally, when they wrote this…

Time and again, we have reached out to President Obama in the hope that he would finally be ready to do what is needed to solve our debt crisis and tackle America’s job crisis. The offer still stands. Let’s get to work.

We all know the truth:

After walking away from bipartisan negotiations with the White House and Democrats in Congress again and again and again, Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor literally brought our nation to the brink of default resulting in a critical loss of confidence on Wall Street, in economic markets around the world and, most importantly, at kitchen tables across the country. Congressional Republicans have shown over the past 7 ½ months they are more interested in scoring political points and protecting the special interests than they are in strengthening our economy for the middle-class and small businesses and putting America back to work.

Bottom line: No amount of newspaper ink can change the GOP’s No Jobs record.

In case you missed it, check out Leader Pelosi’s August 4th op-ed in USA Today on House Democrats’ commitment to job creation. No translation necessary.

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