GOP Congressman Questions Medicare’s Constitutionality

This weekend, Republican congressman Todd Akin – representing Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District, home to 102,000 Medicare beneficiaries – told a gathering of Tea Party activists that he isn’t “too comfortable” with Medicare and questioned its constitutionality:

Asked about the remarks after the meeting, Akin said, “I don’t find in the Constitution that it is the job of the government to provide health care.” [Columbia Daily Tribune, 9/4]

From their budget to their plan to ‘Cut, Cap, and End Medicare’ to the Republican Default Act, Republicans have repeatedly put our seniors’ health and economic security on the chopping block – all to protect tax breaks for special interests, Big Oil, and corporations that ship jobs overseas. Rather than preserve Medicare, Republicans want to abolish it, cut benefits, raise costs on seniors, and put insurance companies in charge of seniors’ health care.

Democrats will defend Medicare and work to ensure this bedrock promise to our nation’s seniors remains secure for today’s seniors and future generations.

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