Another Day, Another House Republican Calls for an End to Medicare

Another day, another GOP Rep. calling for an end to Medicare.

On the heels of yesterday’s news that House GOP Rep. Todd Akin questions the constitutionality of Medicare is today’s report that GOP freshman Joe Walsh stood before a classroom full of high school students and defended his support for ending Medicare.

From the Chicago Tribune:

…But he spent the most time talking about the need to cut spending on federal health programs, including Medicare.

Medicare should be used only as a “safety net” for those who cannot get health care anywhere else, he said. [9/7]

Republicans have made no secret of their plans to protect tax breaks for special interests, Big Oil and corporations that ship jobs overseas on the backs of our seniors.

Medicare is a bedrock promise to our nation’s seniors: that after a lifetime of work and paying into the program, Americans can count on the stability of reliable, affordable, high-quality health insurance.

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