The Questions Cantor Wanted to Avoid

Earlier today, House GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor abruptly canceled an economic speech he was scheduled to give at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania this afternoon after the University refused to limit the attendance of the speech to students and faculty and instead opened the event to accommodate the larger community’s interest:

…House Majority Leader Eric Cantor canceled a speech on income inequality at the University of Pennsylvania Friday morning, after his office was told that the school opened the speech to the public and it was targeted by protesters – including Occupy Philadelphia. [Politico, 10/21]

Here are a few questions Mr. Cantor was probably afraid of being confronted with today:

1. Why has the GOP been in charge of the House for 290 days and still no jobs bills?

2. Why would the GOP craft bills that would potentially destroy 2 million jobs when Americans here at home need work?

3. Why has the GOP voted 17 times against Democratic jobs legislation, including China currency legislation that would help create 1 million American jobs?

4. Why is the GOP hell bent on ending Medicare to protect tax breaks for Big Oil, millionaires and corporations shipping jobs overseas?

5. Why has the GOP spent all of their time in Washington obstructing the President and refusing to work with Democrats to restore economic stability for middle class families and small businesses?

6. Do you think it’s fair that millionaires pay less taxes than bus drivers, teachers, first responders and other middle income families?

7. How does restricting women’s access to essential health services make our economy stronger and create jobs?

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