MEMORANDUM: Whose Side Are Republicans On?

To: Those Interested In Facts
Fr: Democratic Leader’s Press Office
Dt: November 28, 2011
Re: Whose Side Are Republicans On?

Here they go again…

With the average American family facing a $1,000 tax increase, Republicans are refusing to ask those making more than a million dollars a year to contribute one red cent.

Republican leaders will say anything to protect the wealthiest Americans…

The number 2 Republican in the Senate — Senator Jon Kyl: “The payroll tax holiday has not stimulated job creation. We don’t think that’s a good way to do it.” [Fox News Sunday, 11/27]

…despite the fact that economists pronounced their logic wrong:

“Macroeconomic Advisers estimates that [allowing the payroll tax cut to expire] would reduce GDP growth by 0.5 percent and cost the economy 400,000 jobs by the fourth quarter.” [Washington Post, 11/21]

…and despite the fact that:

The average Bush tax cut in 2011 for a taxpayer in the richest one percent ($66,384) is greater than the average income of the other 99 percent ($58,506). [ThinkProgress, 11/23]

Democrats will continue to stand up for the middle class while working to create jobs, strengthen small businesses, and grow our economy.

Last week, Leader Pelosi, Democratic Whip Hoyer, and Assistant Democratic Leader Clyburn sent a letter to Speaker Boehner insisting on passage of this critical tax cut for middle income Americans.

Whose side are the Republicans on?

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