GOP Should Stop Worrying About Their Message and Start Getting the Message on Jobs

Posted on by Karina

Americans’ top priority is jobs; Republicans’ top priority appears to be protecting tax breaks for people making more than a million dollars a year. According to Politico this morning, “GOPers fear losing jobs message war“:

Congressional Republicans have become increasingly divided during the latest legislative battles, with some fearing that the White House is winning the message war over the No. 1 issue facing the country: jobs…

…the party’s jobs message — that House Republicans have passed “jobs bills” that sit stalled in the Democratic Senate — appears to be causing the most heartburn…

In the House, freshman Rep. Randy Hultgren of Illinois said Republicans “need to do better on messaging,” adding that the party’s jobs pitch “hasn’t been cohesive enough.”…

At a closed House Republican Conference meeting earlier this month, Rep. Judy Biggert of Illinois suggested that party leaders buy television ad time to get the message across that Republicans are fighting for jobs….

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions expressed frustration that the public is “not hearing what the Republicans are offering.”

Republicans–who have controlled the House for 330 days without producing a jobs agenda–could start working on their ‘jobs message’ by stopping their opposition to an extension of the payroll tax cut which will cost the typical family $1,000 next year and the loss of at least 400,000 jobs.

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