GOP Blamed for Gridlock as House Republicans Waste Another Day in ‘Do-Nothing’ Congress

With an extension of the payroll tax cut in jeopardy and millions of Americans without jobs, House Republicans simply refuse to get to work. And no amount of rhetoric can hide the truth from the American people:

New York Times – G.O.P. in Congress Gets Blame for Gridlock

In the latest New York Times/CBS News poll, 60 percent say Mr. Obama is attempting to work with Congressional Republicans to try to accomplish something; 27 percent say Republicans in Congress are making the same effort to work things out with the president…

…nearly half of the Republicans surveyed do agree with Democrats and independents on one thing: Congressional Republicans are not working with the president to make progress on the legislative agenda.

Instead of joining with Democrats to grow the economy and strengthen the middle class, the only activities deemed worthy by the GOP are…

Wasting time:

The U.S. House is set to vote today on a symbolic measure against raising the debt limit amid polls showing approval of Congress at an historic low. [Bloomberg, 1/18]

…Wednesday’s vote will be more theatrical than practical. [Christian Science Monitor, 1/17]

And plotting political strategies:

Politico – House Republicans weigh their moves for election year

Enough is enough. It’s time for the House Republicans to get to work. We can’t wait.

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