Americans Support Dem Proposals to Create Jobs and Reignite American Dream

Congressional Democrats are committed to reigniting the American dream by rebuilding the pillars of America that have made our economy strong: small businesses, entrepreneurs, and a thriving middle class.

And while House Republicans—who have been in the Majority for over a year—still don’t have a jobs agenda, Americans support President Obama’s proposals to grow our economy and strengthen the middle class:

From Gallup’s Post-State of the Union Analysis:

By a 28 point margin (63 to 35) Americans support increasing federal income taxes on upper-income Americans.

By a 51 point margin (75 to 24) Americans support increasing federal investment in education and job training for the long-term unemployed.

By a 45 point margin (69 to 24) Americans support pressuring China to allow fairer trade between the United States and China.

By a 32 point margin (64 to 32) Americans support increasing federal investment supporting the development of alternative energy sources.

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