Déjà Vu: Dems Stand Up for Seniors as GOP Plans Vote to End Medicare Guarantee

As House Republicans loudly proclaim that they are “not backing off” their pledge to end the Medicare guarantee and increase costs for seniors, one thing is clear: House Democrats are ready to hold them accountable once again.

The Hill – Democrats launch early offensive over GOP Medicare plans

Democrats are itching for another fight over Medicare, apparently undeterred by the prospect of a slightly watered-down Republican plan…

…And they’ve [Democrats] launched an aggressive advance attack on Ryan’s commitment to plow ahead on a “premium support” model for Medicare.

Politico – Democrats await Ryan budget 2.0

Democrats are licking their chops over the idea of another Republican budget that attempts to dramatically reform the Medicare program…

…Democrats have had success in framing the original plan — under which traditional Medicare wasn’t an option — as “the end of Medicare as we know it.” They’re hoping to do the same this year when senior voters and Medicare will be important to the presidential and down-ticket races…

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