Mr. Ryan, Only GOP is ‘Excited’ About Plan to End Medicare Guarantee

This morning, Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan insinuated that a throng of Democrats supported the GOP plan to end the Medicare guarantee and increase costs for seniors but were “too afraid at this time to come forward“:

[Chairman Ryan] said the election needs to be one in which the GOP clearly explains to voters that it will implement ideas like Ryan’s premium support plan for Medicare…

He said more and more Democrats are open to a version of Medicare support… [The Hill, 2/16]

It’s time for Chairman Ryan to get out of the spin zone. When House Republicans voted repeatedly to end the Medicare guarantee last year, Democrats stood in strong opposition—and Democrats will continue to stand up for seniors and oppose this dangerous plan.

So while Chairman Ryan is “excited” about his plan to let Medicare wither on the vine…

Politico – Paul Ryan ‘excited’ to defend Medicare plan

…he should know Democrats—and America’s seniors—certainly aren’t.

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