Here We Go Again: House GOP Unveils ‘New’ Message Strategy Instead of Jobs Agenda

Republicans have led the House for 420 days without a jobs agenda—and the American people have noticed. So in yet another desperate attempt to hide their dismal record, the GOP is putting forward a “new” agenda that—instead of actually putting Americans to work—merely contains the word “jobs” and centers around politics instead of actual job creation.

…Calling it a “plan of action,” Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) told Members the plan is designed to provide voters a message about how Republicans would govern if they gained control of the White House and the Senate…

Boehner also suggested the bills included in the agenda are designed to help Members with tough re-election campaigns. [Roll Call, 2/28]

This “new” agenda is simply the GOP’s same old ideological agenda that ignores job creation:

GOP "New" Agenda Translation
Tax Reform Delivering more tax breaks to millionaires and companies that ship American jobs overseas
Budget Control & Entitlement Solvency Ending the Medicare guarantee and increasing costs for seniors
"Obamacare" Repeal Taking away patients’ rights and putting insurance companies back in charge
American Energy Letting speculators increase gas costs for the middle class and protecting Big Oil’s tax breaks
Reducing the Regulatory Burden and Oversight Undermining food safety, consumer safety, clean air, and clean water

Americans are sick of charades from House Republicans. Instead of reinventing their rhetoric, the GOP should join Democrats in actually focusing on the country’s top priority: jobs.

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