Speaker’s Smoke & Mirrors Mask Another Manufactured Crisis to Punish Middle Class

Speaker John Boehner and the “House GOP leadership [are] considering linking a short-term extension of the expiring Bush-era tax cuts to an overhaul of the tax system this summer…” [Roll Call, 5/15]

President Obama and Congressional Democrats support extending tax cuts for America’s middle class, but Republicans are threatening to raise middle class taxes unless the wealthiest Americans are excused from paying their fair share.

Leader Pelosi already responded last week to Speaker Boehner: “…when we talk about the tax cuts for the millionaires expiring at the end of the year, Democrats are saying we want tax cuts to expire for people making over $1 million a year and that money will be used to reduce the deficit, not to increase spending.  The Speaker has said he wants all of these to be renewed.  We simply cannot afford that.  We cannot afford people making over one million dollars a year to get [more tax breaks].” [Press Conference, 5/10]

This afternoon, Speaker Boehner will try to trick the American people with smoke and mirrors in a speech laying the groundwork for the GOP scheme to protect millionaires by threatening to harm the full faith and credit of the United States government – setting up another manufactured crisis.

House Speaker John A. Boehner plans to demand deep cuts in government spending in exchange for raising the federal debt limit, setting the stage for another tense standoff with Democrats over the soaring national debt…Higher taxes, however, are still off the table, a Boehner aide said. [Washington Post, 5/15]

House Democrats have consistently stood up for seniors, small businesses and the middle class against GOP attacks.  That won’t change with the with the next round of hoaxes from Congressional Republicans.

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