America’s Misfortune 500: 500 Days of Obstruction from House Republican Majority

House Democrats are committed to strengthening the middle class, growing the economy, and creating jobs.  But after 500 days, this is what we know about House Republicans: they are choosing politics over progress for the middle class while demanding that America borrows more money from China in order to extend tax breaks for millionaires and companies that ship jobs overseas.

Partisan Obstruction at All Costs

Refusing to allow a vote on the bipartisan Senate transportation bill that creates or saves more than 2 million jobs

Blocking the bipartisan, Senate-passed Violence Against Women Act—insisting instead on a House GOP version that rolls back critical protections

Claiming they want to keep student loan rates from doubling, but doing so only at expense of women’s health

Millionaires Ahead of Middle Class

Voting repeatedly for a budget that gives those making over $1 million per year an average tax cut of $394,000—while cutting Medicare and increasing costs for seniors and forcing the middle class to pay the price  

Threatening to bring America to the brink of default and increase taxes on middle class families unless the wealthiest are excused from paying their fair share

The American people simply can’t afford another 500 days of this misfortune from House Republicans.

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