Foreign Affairs Meeting with Russian Duma

Posted on by Jesse Lee

The Committee on Foreign Affairs is currently hosting the first-ever open meeting between the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on International Affairs of the Duma, the legislature of the Russian Federation. The joint session will mark the third in the series of meetings between the American and Russian foreign affairs committees, with previous sessions held in Moscow (June 2004) and Washington (November 2005). It is the first such meeting ever to which the media and members of the public will be invited. The gathering will focus on four key themes: democracy and human rights, unresolved regional conflicts, strategic stability and trade and economic issues.

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivers opening remarks:

Speaker Pelosi:
“We have joined together today because we understand that cooperation and consulatation are essential in a world that grows more inter-connected and interdependent every day. Just as information travels around the globe faster than ever before, as I mentioned, a crisis that was once viewed as regional can now spill into wider conflicts, and challenges that were once more managed locally or within national borders now require international attention and action.”
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