Memo to House GOP: Why Wait?

To:  Congressional Republicans
Fr:   Democratic Leader’s Press Office
Dt:   May 29, 2012
Re:  Why Wait?

We both agree that taxes should not be hiked on America’s middle class.  So why wait to provide American families and small businesses certainty?

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has called on Speaker Boehner to bring an extension of the middle-income tax cuts to the House floor this week—and use the revenues resulting from the expiring tax breaks for those earning more than a million dollars to pay down the deficit.

But your Leader Eric Cantor has a different plan: delay and demand more tax breaks for millionaires to keep them from paying their fair share.

The Hill – House GOP calendar plans July vote to extend Bush tax rates

…The schedule includes a July vote to extend the Bush-era tax rates for all taxpayers – a move dismissing Democratic calls for separate votes on tax cuts for different income levels…

Wall Street Journal – Cantor Plans Vote on Bush Tax Cuts by August

…Republicans want to continue the lower rates enacted under former President George W. Bush, including lower individual-income-tax rates and a reduced 15% rate on dividends and capital gains. President Barack Obama and fellow Democrats want higher earners to pay more, saying that the wealthier must do their fair share to deal with the country’s deficit…

For over 500 days, you have put politics ahead of the middle class, using your House Majority to create made-up crisis after made-up crisis and advance an out-of-touch, ideological agenda.  Apparently, you don’t intend to change that record.

MSNBC – This summer in Congress, electioneering meets lawmaking

The distinction between legislating and politicking will blur this summer on Capitol Hill, as House Republicans lay out a laundry list of priorities largely intended to set the stage for this fall’s election…

The question is simple: will you support middle class tax relief now or will you continue to hold it hostage to permanent tax breaks for millionaires, Big Oil, and companies that ship jobs overseas?

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