Where Are the Jobs Bills?

Where are House Republicans?  The House GOP is preparing to leave town on Friday for another week-long recess without getting to work on bipartisan jobs bills and middle class priorities.


A bipartisan construction jobs bill that creates or saves 2 million jobs passed the Senate by a vote of 74 to22, but the House GOP still refuses to even vote on it.  With the deadline of July 1st fast approaching, the House Republicans prefer to drive in circles, leading the House for 517 days without even producing a jobs agenda.

According to Bloomberg: “The 28,000 drop in construction jobs last month is the largest in two years, according to an analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America. The trade group also said a 1.4 percent drop in public construction spending in April constrained overall construction growth that month to 0.3 percent.”


Democrats have called on Republicans to schedule an immediate vote on extension of the middle-income tax cuts to promote growth, create jobs, provide certainty and reduce the deficit, calling on those earning more than a million dollars to pay their fair share.  Republicans are holding tax relief and certainty for the middle class hostage and insisting on more tax breaks for millionaires, Big Oil, and corporations that ship jobs overseas.

Former GOP Governor Jeb Bush may have disavowed the dangerous Grover Norquist, but Republicans in the House clearly remain in his clutches as they put millionaires ahead of the middle class.


With student loan interest rates set to double for more than 7 million students on July 1st, the only vote House Republicans have taken to prevent this devastating hike does so at the expense of women’s health.  Speaker Boehner admitted to his conference he will abandon efforts on student loans, and he is now more concerned with damage control than a solution for students.

The American people deserve real action from House Republicans to create jobs, grow the economy and invest in our future – not just lip service.  Makes you wonder if the House GOP is running out the clock on the economy.

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