Boehner Caught in Moment of Cantor, Admits No Jobs Bills Before November

Today, in a moment of Cantor, Speaker Boehner shockingly admitted he is ready to give up on creating construction jobs this year.

Roll Call – John Boehner Would Add Highway Bill to Lame-Duck Agenda

Speaker John Boehner today said he would prefer a six-month extension of the highway bill if the bicameral conference committee cannot come to a resolution by the end of the month…

Another job-destroying short-term extension is not the answer:

National Governors Association: A string of short-term extensions will only increase uncertainty for state and local governments and the private sector.

U.S. Conference of Mayors President Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa:  A short-term extension creates uncertainty for businesses and workers and if projects stall, our economy and our cities will continue to suffer.  Transportation has always been bipartisan, and the current Congressional inaction is offensive and partisan and will result in Congress failing to do their job.

America’s construction workers can’t wait.  In the past four months alone, nearly 50,000 construction jobs were lost.

And Speaker Boehner can do something about it now.  The Senate overwhelmingly passed – by a bipartisan vote of 74 to 22 – a long-term transportation bill that would create or save more than 2 million jobs.  It’s time for the House to act.

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