NEW VIDEO: GOP Wasting Time on Message Vote to Nowhere

The House Democratic Leader’s press office released this new video, “GOP Wasting Time on A Message Vote to Nowhere,” using Speaker Boehner’s own “Where are the Jobs?” to highlight the GOP’s continued pursuit of a political agenda, voting to repeal patients’ rights, instead of focusing on jobs:

‏@NancyPelosi: VIDEO: GOP’s obsession with holding health repeal votes is distracting from the need to focus on jobs. #WastingTime

House Republicans – who have no jobs plan and refuse to stop the outsourcing of American jobs –  will vote for the 31st time to  take away patient protections for Americans, the same protections enjoyed by Members of Congress. Consider just some of the benefits Republicans would take away from millions of Americans:

Children can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

Students and young people can stay on their parents’ plans.

Seniors are paying less for prescription drugs.

Insurance companies cannot drop coverage when you get sick or place lifetime limits on care.

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