Who is the House GOP listening to, Speaker Boehner?

Speaker Boehner just told a gaggle of reporters that, from the beginning, the 112th Congress “wasn’t going to be about them [Republicans]” but it has been about listening to the American people.

Who is he trying to kid?

The American people and small businesses are asking the GOP ‘where are the jobs?’ Instead of jobs bills, this week, for the 31st time, the GOP will vote to take away patient protections for Americans – the same protections enjoyed by Members of Congress.

If House Republicans were really listening to the American people – they would know the majority of people do not support scrapping the law:

In response to the court’s ruling, the House is scheduled to vote Wednesday to repeal the health law. Just 20 percent of all registered voters want to do away with the entire law, while 16 percent support scrapping parts of the legislation, according to the poll. [Washington Post, 7/9]

Then again, maybe Speaker Boehner was right about the 112th Congress… GOP tax message guru Grover Norquist is an American.

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