VIDEO: Welcome Back, Mr. Ryan!

Today, Republican Budget Committee Chairman Ryan makes his return back to Washington and Republicans are holding a welcome back party to celebrate this afternoon. Speaker Boehner was even so excited about his pending return the truth slipped out during an unscripted moment before House Republicans earlier this week. Speaker Boehner announced the GOP’s obstructionist, do nothing agenda was “validated” by the selection of Ryan by former governor Romney.

The House Democratic Leader’s press office released this YouTube video featuring Ryan’s greatest hits. It highlights the Ryan Republican Congress’s efforts to end Medicare as we know it, Ryan’s plan to give more tax breaks to millionaires, and the GOP’s efforts to walk away from their vote for the sequester. Watch it:

Indeed, this is the Paul Ryan Congress. Only 10 percent of Americans in August approve of the job the Ryan Congress is doing. Americans also overwhelmingly disapprove of the GOP plan for ending the Medicare guarantee:


Welcome back, Mr. Ryan!

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