Job, Well…Not Done

In a now infamous video released on Monday, Gov. Romney derided hardworking Americans, seniors and members of our Armed Services, by calling them “victims” and repeating a favorite misleading talking point of House GOP leaders.

This morning on the NBC Today Show, Leader Pelosi said Gov. Romney’s remarks show the contrast in ideology. While Democrats want to reignite the American Dream and build ladders of opportunity, Romney would rather take his ladder and walk away:

Here are few important percentages worth noting:

• 100% – Republicans voted against eliminating the sequester and giving middle class families a tax cut

• 96% – Republicans voted to end Medicare as we know it

• 87% – Americans that currently disapprove of Congress

Effectively adjourning on September 21st, this is the earliest Congress has left to campaign since 1960. Instead of getting to work, the Do-Nothing Congress is about to go on vacation for TWO MONTHS leaving behind a long list of unfinished business for the American people and small businesses. What exactly is the GOP’s measure of a job well done?

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