GOP Do-Nothing Congress Hurries Off The Field After Making The Wrong Call

Today, Congresswoman Donna Edwards tried to get Do-Nothing Republicans to come back to the floor to work on the long list of unfinished business the GOP left behind when they rang the recess bell.  The GOP gaveled her down and turned the lights off on the American people.

The Hill: Dem Rep. Edwards calls on House to return to work, but chamber gavels out
National Journal: Pro Forma Messaging Begins in the House

Par for the course for House Republicans… and papers across the country have already noticed.

Buffalo News Editorial: The do-nothing Congress departs

They came, they did little, they left…

Denver Post Editorial: Congress get its orders on Nov. 6

Unwilling to steer the country away from the fiscal cliff and unable to pass what has previously been routine legislation, members of the 112th Congress this week are doing what they do best — nothing…

Baltimore Sun Editorial: Congress does nothing, goes on vacation

…Has there ever been a time when so much important legislation was left behind as Congress left for recess prior to an election? Lawmakers even wrapped up their business early — the House’s Friday adjournment marking the earliest election-year recess since 1960. These must be the lazy, entitled victims on the government dole that Mitt Romney was talking about…

Akron Beacon Journal Editorial: Inglorious exit

…Predictably enough, lawmakers left town amid the familiar partisan acrimony, driven more than anything by Republican obstruction, that has resulted in such an unproductive two years on Capitol Hill…

Ironton Tribune Editorial: Voters have to demand more from Congress

… It is impossible to dispute that this Congress has been absolutely ineffectual and an embarrassment to our great nation…

Tampa Bay Times Editorial: Fiddling While Rome Burns

When President Barack Obama borrows Harry Truman’s famous line characterizing a “do-nothing Congress,” he isn’t engaging in purely political rhetoric. History is on his side. As the 112th Congress recesses this week, not to return until after the November elections, it has the dubious distinction of being the second least productive Congress since Washington began keeping such statistics in 1947…

New York Times Editorial: Hello, We Must Be Going

… The 112th Congress has earned a reputation for monumental procrastination and toxic paralysis. Unyielding Republican obstructionism is the root of this dysfunction, and no amount of “extended district work” can change that fact…

Anchorage Daily News: Unproductive Congress breaks until after November election
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Huge list of unfinished business for Congress
Belleville News-Democrat (Illinois): Unproductive and unloved, Congress heads home
Bend Bulletin (Oregon): Unproductive, unloved Congress slinks out of town
Berkshire Eagle: Do-little Congress leaves much undone
Bloomberg: The Do-Nothing Congress Pretends to Do Something
Bloomberg: Congress Exiting to Campaign Leaving Pileup of Issues
Carroll County Times Editorial: We Need a Better Congress
Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle Editorial: Recess opens the door for more scrutiny
Fiscal Times: Do-Nothing Congress Packs Up and Rushes for the Door
Minneapolis Star Tribune Editorial: U.S. House Leaders Snub Nation’s Farmers
Seattle Times: Unloved, unproductive Congress heads home to campaign
USA Today Editorial: ‘Do nothing’ Congress adjourns
USA Today: Unproductive Congress earliest to adjourn since 1960

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