The House Democratic Plan To Avert The Looming Sequester

Today, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Chris Van Hollen – the ranking member on the Budget Committee – explained the House Democrats’ plan to avert the looming sequester.

The balanced plan, consistent with the Senate proposal, contains $120 billion in deficit reduction and averts the sequester through the calendar year. It includes the Buffett Rule to reduce the deficit without hitting working families and cuts unnecessary subsidies for agriculture and Big Oil.

See the House Democrats’ fact sheet about the “Stop The Sequester Job Loss Now” Act HERE.

As Leader Pelosi said today, the sequester is “mindless” and it shows that Republicans are more interested in fighting for special interest tax breaks than growing the economy:

If the sequester were allowed to occur, 750,000 jobs will be lost this year. Among the impacts:

– K-12 Education: Title I grants to school districts, serving more than 2,500 schools and 1 million disadvantaged students, would see a cut of more than $750 million, which could eliminate more than 10,500 jobs of teachers and aides.
– Special Education: IDEA grants, serving 6.6 million students with special needs, would be reduced by more than $600 million, which could force layoffs of approximately 7,400 special education teachers and aides.
– Head Start and Early Head Start: Up to 70,000 children would lose access and up to 30,000 working parents would lose child care services.
– Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children: WIC would be cut by $353 million, resulting in over 600,000 low-income, women, infants, and children being dropped from the rolls.

Instead of leaving for a nine-day recess, House Republicans should stay at work here in D.C. and work with Democrats to pass a plan to avert the sequester.

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