Bad News for GOP: Americans Support Proposals to Create Jobs Not Destroy Them

Today, House Republicans are back again on the floor debating their failed budget which pays for tax cuts for millionaires off the backs of the middle class, ends Medicare as we know it, harms our nation’s economy and destroys American jobs.  The GOP-Ryan budget is more of the same old plan which Americans have rejected time and again and yet Ryan and House Republican leaders are desperately spinning it as “what people want.”

A new Gallup poll tells a different story. Americans across party lines want job creation proposals:









Where the GOP-Ryan budget costs two million jobs next year alone and stalls our nation’s recovery by decreasing economic growth by 1.7 percent, House Democrats have a plan to put 1.2 million more people to work this year than the GOP budget, invest in education, energy, research, and infrastructure, and keep our promises to seniors.

It’s time for Republicans to abandon their ideological agenda and work with Democrats to make real the American Dream for all Americans.

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