Sequester Squeezing America

In 2011, in the shadow of the GOP-crafted debt ceiling debacle that nearly wrecked our national economy, a majority of Republicans (73 percent) voted for a budget deal to end the impasse. That deal included the threat of sequestration – across-the-board cuts impacting both domestic and defense spending – as motivation for Congress to agree on a plan to reduce spending.  But House Republicans refused to work with the President and Democrats to find a bipartisan solution and instead manufactured crisis after crisis.

Now, from coast to coast, the sequester’s across-the-board cuts are squeezing American workers and their families and threatening our economic growth.

Huffington Post: Sequestration Effects: Cuts Sting Communities Nationwide

The Huffington Post set out to do an extensive review of sequestration stories from the past week, with the goal of finding 100. What seemed like a daunting task was completed in hours. No one region of the country has been immune. Rural towns in Alaska, missile test sites in the Marshall Islands, military bases in Virginia, university towns across the country, and housing agencies in inner cities are all beginning to feel the cuts… [4/2]

Stateline: Sequester Cuts at Justice Department Threaten Local Drug Investigations

KHAS Central Nebraska’s Channel 5: Sequestration could hinder medical responders

The Gazette: Sequestration may hurt Cedar Rapids flood-protection plans

Washington Post: Pentagon favors reductions in force if sequester continues next year

The Emory Wheel: Sequester to Reduce Funds For Research by $17.5M

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Sequestration may mean hard times for Meals on Wheels

KJRH Tulsa’s Channel 2: National sequester forcing Tulsa-area campgrounds to be delayed

Time and again, Democrats have tried to put our plan before the GOP-led House to stop the sequester and responsibly cut spending, end unnecessary and wasteful tax breaks for special interests and advance the Buffet Rule, ensuring millionaires pay their fair share.  Every time, House Republicans have refused to allow an up-or-down vote on our balanced plan choosing instead to block our proposal from coming to the House floor for consideration.

We are 90 days into the calendar year.  GOP leaders have called the House into session on 37 of those days – eight of those days were pro forma sessions where no business was completed. In the 29 days Republicans have allowed debate and votes on the floor – they have offered ZERO plans to stop the sequester and put an end to the uncertainty and instability rocking the middle class.




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