The President’s Budget: House GOP Still Unable to Say ‘Yes’ to Compromise

It’s no wonder that the American people think Congressional Republicans are “inflexible” and “unwilling to compromise” and nearly 7 in 10 disapprove of the way they are conducting themselves in budget negotiations with President Obama.

Today, President Obama released a budget proposal that makes investments to grow the economy, create jobs, and strengthen the middle class while continuing to reduce the deficit in a balanced way. The President’s proposal also demonstrates the Administration’s willingness to make tough decisions as part of a bold and balanced proposal that also asks wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share and initiatives that spur economic growth with jobs.

NYT: Obama Unveils Budget Meant to Draw G.O.P. to the Table

In his fifth annual budget proposal to Congress on Wednesday, President Obama once again has put forward a fiscal mix of investments in infrastructure, education and research with further deficit reduction through tax increases and spending cuts. But for the first time he has included changes to Medicare and Social Security intended to entice Republicans back to the bargaining table… [4/10]

But, after months of demanding “proof that Obama is ‘serious’ about cutting spending,” Boehner’s response and the GOP’s political tactics underscores why people across the country are frustrated with the GOP:

Hill: Speaker on budget: ‘Whoop-dee-doo’

… In the closed-door House GOP meeting, Boehner turned the arrival of the president’s budget into a laugh line.

“Well, Obama’s budget is coming out this week … whoop-dee-doo,” the Speaker said to his colleagues, according to two people in the room. [4/10]

The Week: Republicans move the budget goal posts again

… what’s striking is that Obama has given Republicans exactly what they’ve asked for — and it’s still not good enough. [4/10]

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