What else would $52.4 million pay for?

This week, House Republicans will do what they do best: waste taxpayer dollars on a dead-end bill designed to do nothing more than generate talking points for the Tea Party faction.  The vote du jour is the 37th attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act… so far, the GOP anti-health care crusade has cost American taxpayers a total of $52.4 million.

What else could $52.4 million pay for?

HEAD START: 6,900 kids in Head Start for one year or the equivalent of restoring the estimated Head Start cuts in Ohio (3,600 children), Virginia (1,440 children) and Wisconsin (1,320 children) resulting from the sequester.

PUBLIC DEFENDERS: Restore the estimated $43 million cut to federal public defenders resulting from the sequester.

PREVENTING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: Restore $20 million funding shortfall to programs that fight domestic violence and sexual assault will see this year as a result of the sequester.

MEALS ON WHEELS: Restore the estimated $41 million cut to Meals on Wheels nutrition programs across the country and ensure the 19 million meals slashed by the sequester are served to those who need them.


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