Speaker Boehner, it’s a Gavel not a Magic Wand

House Republicans are operating in fantasyland.

Instead of naming budget conferees to work with the Senate on a bipartisan budget agreement, the GOP used a “deem and pass” maneuver to pretend the devastating Ryan Republican budget passed in both the House and Senate so they could use it as the basis for this week’s appropriations bills.

TPMDC: House Republicans Quietly Return To Budget Stand-Off Mode, Renew Risk Of Government Shutdown

House Republicans have quietly returned to the stand-off driven approach to budgeting and must-pass legislation that was their hallmark before President Obama’s re-election.

On Tuesday afternoon the House passed a measure directing House appropriators, in the absence of a budget agreement with the Senate, to adopt spending levels in the Republican budget. That blueprint calls for enormous cuts to spending on everything from science research to education to health care, in order to rescue the Defense Department and other politically favored agencies from the ravages of sequestration.

Americans do not need smoke and mirrors from the Republicans – they deserve an open and fair debate on our priorities and a budget that replaces the sequester with a plan to create jobs, strengthen the middle class and responsibly reduce the deficit.

It’s time for the GOP to stop the partisan procedural fantasies. Speaker Boehner and the GOP leadership should return to regular order and name conferees to work with the Senate on a bipartisan budget agreement.

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