In the latest Issue of #BoehnerStyle — Letting Ted Cruz Run the House

Speaker Boehner’s style of (not) running the House is coming into focus again with the GOP’s latest maneuver to ensure the debt-ceiling-as-hostage option remains open.

From BuzzFeed: John Boehner Sits Back As Ted Cruz Fights Budget Negotiations:

The fight over the budget has become an intra-party feud for Republicans in Congress, with Tea Party hero Sen. Ted Cruz objecting to negotiations between the House and Senate because he fears House Republicans will break down and agree to raise the nation’s debt ceiling — a cardinal sin against ideological purity in some conservative circles…

Fights between Republicans normally spell headaches for Boehner. But the nation’s top Republican is remarkably comfortable with this particular behind-the-scenes budget battle — in large part because it’s staving off a much more divisive and public one that could threaten to engulf the party if conference proceedings every begin, senior House and Senate Republicans told BuzzFeed.

Cruz, along with Sens. Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul, has been leading conservatives’ objection to going to a budget conference, much to the frustration of Democrats and quite a few Senate Republicans, like Arizona’s John McCain.

Meanwhile, Boehner is quietly content to let the Tea Party crusaders in the Senate keep the conference from taking place, acknowledging that if it ever does, House Republican bickering will once again be thrust into the national spotlight…

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