#BoehnerStyle: GOP leaders need “course in remedial congressional math”

Roll Call – House GOP Must Do the Math to Avoid the Red Faces

…The farm bill’s defeat showed Speaker John A. Boehner’s leadership in need of a course in remedial congressional math. Republicans bemoaned the fact that Democrats delivered only 24 votes after promising at least 40. But even if those extra 16 votes had ended up in the “yes” column, the legislation still would have fallen short.

E.J. Dionne – Boehner’s House implodes over flawed farm bill

…Boehner is unwilling to put together broad bipartisan coalitions to pass middle-ground legislation except when he is pressed to the wall. Yet he and his lieutenants tried to blame last Thursday’s farm legislation fiasco — the product of a massive repudiation by GOP conservatives of their high command — on the Democrats’ failure to hand over enough votes.

San Angelo Standard-Times (Texas) – House Renegades Scuttle Farm Bill

If the new and largely untested Republican freshman and sophomore classes of the House had a leader, it’s likely that John Boehner and Eric Cantor would no longer be, respectively, speaker and majority leader.

On Thursday, the conservative, anti-spending newcomers cut the legs out from under Boehner and Cantor by helping to vote down, 195-234, a leadership-backed extension of the farm bill, normally a routine matter.

The Day (Connecticut) – GOP’s Farm Bill Follies

It is a good thing America’s farmers can better handle their produce and livestock than Speaker John A. Boehner can control his Republican majority in the House of Representatives, otherwise we would all be starving.

National Journal – Republicans: Boehner’s to Blame for GOP’s Foot-in-Mouth Disease

…[Republican Rep. Charlie] Dent and others said leadership shouldn’t have put the abortion bill on the floor in the first place. They should be focused on the issues people care about, namely jobs and public distrust of government…

A GOP strategist went even further, calling it “leadership-sponsored ignorance.”…

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