New Poll: 74 percent of Americans blame GOP for partisan gridlock

Another day – another poll hitting the GOP-led Congress for gridlock and failing to even try to improve the economy.

Nearly three quarters (74 percent) of Americans say Congressional Republicans shoulder at least some blame for the partisan gridlock in Washington with 35 percent holding the GOP mostly responsible.

More than half (56 percent) of Americans say Congress is not trying to do things to improve the economy.

79 percent are dissatisfied or frustrated by the way Congress is working – just 1 percent is enthusiastic.

Two-thirds (64 percent) of Americans say Congressional Republicans are primarily concerned with opposing the President and Democrats for political gain – more than twice as many (28 percent) who believe the GOP actually has policy differences.

The message is loud and clear – it’s time for Speaker Boehner and Congressional Republicans to stop the partisan nonsense and get to work on solutions for the American people.

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