Speaker Boehner, Cancel Recess & Work to Find Solutions for the American People

This week marks the last days – four working days to be exact – before the GOP-led House will skip town for five weeks leaving behind a mountain of unfinished business and unresolved issues with pressing deadlines. From Roll Call:

The final week before the August recess in a non-election year: Customarily, it’s the occasion for climactic votes on some of the most important matters of the year. This time, it will come and go with little more than a rhetorical torrent about how little’s been done to justify a five-week vacation.

New York Times:

The last week before the August recess is usually full of late nights, last-minute deal-making and achievements to take home to constituents. This week, the House will not even show up until Tuesday evening…

…the House’s marquee moment before adjourning until Sept. 9 will come on Friday with its 40th vote to cripple President Obama’s health care law. House members preparing their vacation plans have been assured that the last vote will be no later than 3 p.m.

On top of the fact this GOP-planned recess shows shocking disregard for the American people and our economy – House Republicans will spend the four working days this week voting on a slew of dead-end message bills with no chance of passing the Senate, including the 40th vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and arguing among themselves over threats to shutdown the government if they don’t get their way.

On Sunday, senior GOP Congressman Peter King weighed in calling these threats “terror politics.” From CNN:

There’s no reason to be threatening to bring down the government. Let’s make this work, let’s get the spending cuts we need. But American people get turned off with the threat of terror politics.

So is the message getting through? Apparently not.

This weekend Tea Party Republican Sen. Mike Lee told FOX News Sunday he takes it as a compliment that members of his own party are criticizing this decision to mobilize the Tea Party contingent against funding the government.

Speaker Boehner, enough is enough. It is time to lead by example – cancel recess and come to the table. Democrats are ready to find solutions for the American people.

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