We figured out the problem

This afternoon, 80 House Republicans sent a letter to Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor demanding the House refuse to pass any legislation to fund the federal government – even continuing appropriations – if it includes funding for the Affordable Care Act.

But according to analysis of a recent GOP-sponsored poll, Americans – Republicans and Democrats – overwhelmingly oppose this foolish, dangerous idea.

Overall, 71 percent of those surveyed opposed a shutdown, while 23 percent favored a shutdown. Among Republicans, 53 percent opposed, versus 37 percent who favored.

Although it was favored by one demographic segment – it is a familiar one for House Republicans:

Republican men favored a shutdown by a narrow 48 percent to 44 percent margin.

What about Republican women?

…Republican women opposed it by an enormous 61 percent to 29 percent margin.

It’s the problem House Republicans just can’t get away from.

From the National Journal:

… a growing problem that is worrying Republicans: Women are badly underrepresented within their party in the Congress.  Only 8 percent of House Republicans are women, and the Senate has only four female Republicans.  Of the long list of potential 2016 GOP presidential contenders, not a single woman is on it.

How many of the signers of today’s letter to Speaker Boehner are men?

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