It is time, Speaker Boehner.

Speaker Boehner and House GOP Leaders might not be ready for comprehensive immigration reform – but the American people are.

According to a recent national poll:

71 percent of Americans support immigration reform.

This number is mirrored in Speaker Boehner’s home state of Ohio too. From the poll:

72 percent of Ohioans believe it is very or somewhat important for Congress to pass immigration reform this year.

72 percent of Ohioans support an immigration reform plan that ensures undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship

68 percent of Ohioans support an immigration reform plan that would grant legal status to undocumented immigrants and citizenship to young people who were brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents.

Speaker Boehner’s attempt to mask the GOP’s stalling is transparent and shameful.

From the Washington Post Editorial Board:

Mr. Boehner says he still wants to “deal with” immigration, but “in a common sense, step-by-step way.”

The trouble is, no one knows what those steps would be. The only immigration bill on which Mr. Boehner has permitted a vote by the full House would allow for the mass deportation of young, undocumented immigrants brought to this country illegally as children by their parents — the so-called Dreamers.

From the Toledo Blade:

If any more proof were needed that America is blighted by a do-nothing Congress, the effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform provides chapter and verse. To the surprise of nobody, House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio said this week that the Senate bill sent over in the summer would remain dead on arrival in his chamber this year.

This despite the fact that immigration reform is widely recognized as vital to the nation’s future…

Business groups want reform because it promises economic advantage. Religious and humanitarian groups want reform as a matter of social justice.

This sensible consensus does not matter to the hard-core Republicans whom Mr. Boehner seeks to placate.

And the Akron Beacon Journal:

The stance of the House Republican leadership guarantees there will be no advance in resolving pressing issues in immigration, in particular, what to do about the estimated 11 million immigrants who are living in this country with no documentation…

The [Senate] bill presented mostly reasonable compromises on contentious issues, following weeks of negotiations and floor debates. Boehner’s dismissive description of the Senate effort as “a 1,300-page bill no one had ever read” is unfortunate, especially as Boehner’s caucus itself shows little evidence it can find common ground, besides border enforcement, on difficult issues.

Former House Republican Steve LaTourette (R-OH) underscored the importance of immigration reform in yesterday’s Cleveland Plain Dealer :

Congress has a lot on its plate right now — including a long-term budget deal. However, we cannot let immigration reform get lost in the shuffle. Immigration reform is not a political issue; it is an issue of keeping our country competitive and economically stable.

The writing is on the wall, Speaker Boehner.  It’s time to bring comprehensive immigration reform to the floor for a vote.


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