The GOP’s toxic messaging

‘Rooting only for failure.’

That is how conservative columnist Kathleen Parker describes the GOP’s ‘toxic messaging’:

From the Washington Post:

As the government health-care Web site chugs along, the Obama administration has begun a counter-initiative to combat Republican naysaying — and its weapons are of superior grade.

The bunker buster is positive messaging and a return to hope and change. For Republicans, it’s whatever the opposite is. Despair and stagnation? Gloating and gloom?

…When Republicans say the health-care plan is doomed, a train wreck, a disaster, etc. — and offer no hopeful options — they appear to be rooting only for failure.

Indeed. House Republicans have wasted taxpayer dollars and time voting 46 times to defund, delay or repeal the patient protections and budget savings in the Affordable Care Act and have offered no solutions on a federal budget, replacing the harmful sequester cuts, fostering job creation here at home, raising the minimum wage, or any number of middle class priorities.

In fact, with just seven legislative days left in the year, House Republicans are holding at least FOUR congressional hearings on the health care law this week.

@SpeakerBoehner: At least four #ObamaCare oversight #hearings in the House this week. Details here:

While Speaker Boehner and House Republicans are spending their last days in session on partisan hearings instead of addressing the needs of American workers and small businesses – the California Republican Party is trying to deceive residents with a fake website designed to look like the state health care exchange.

ABC News: “California Republicans Defend Fake Obamacare Site”

The California Republican Assembly has come under attack this week for, which critics claim is a “deceptive” website meant to dissuade Californians from signing up on the state health care exchange.

Though it launched in August, the site made waves this week after a number of GOP Assembly members sent out mailers to their constituents, highlighting the page as a “resource guide” for information on the Affordable Care Act.

Rooting for failure, indeed.

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