The Administration’s “Delay and Distract” Climate Strategy

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Representatives of the world's largest greenhouse gas emitting nations are gathered in Washington this week to discuss their roles in combating global warming. In advance of this conference, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid called on the President to support mandatory national and international limits on the pollution that causes global warming stating in a letter, “your Administration has been pursuing an alternative approach based on purely aspirational targets and non-binding pledges of national action, as was evident at the recent summit of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) countries. This voluntary approach, Mr. President, cannot succeed in staving off catastrophic climate change impacts.” This morning, Chairman Markey and Rep. Hilda Solis took to the floor to decry the President’s “Delay and Distract” climate strategy.

Chairman Markey:
“This week, the world convened at the United Nations to combat climate change, but President Bush stayed away. While the rest of the world knows that carbon dioxide threatens the planet, this Administration can't decide if it is a danger to the planet! President Bush's response is not action, but talk…Wake up President Bush. It is time to stop the empty rhetoric and start saving the planet.”
Rep. Solis:
“Rather than engage, the Bush Administration continues to bury its head in the sand. Organizing summits to discuss aspirational goals and ignoring real science. The science is certain: human activity impacts human security, and without a mandatory agreement, the cost of climate change will continue to be socialized. Business as usual cannot go on. We must commit to mandatory reductions in order to protect health, environment and security around the world.”

Learn more about what’s happening this week from the Select Committee – they will be highlighting events throughout the week and providing fact checks on the Bush Administrations claims>>

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