Democrats Urge Override of President’s Veto on Children’s Health Care

Posted on by Jesse Lee

With the President’s veto of the Children's Health Insurance Program having been delivered moments before, the House debates overriding it. The override vote will be held in two weeks:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

Speaker Pelosi: “So I think the strongest indication of the President’s commitment to this initiative came when he was Governor of Texas. At that time, the state of Texas ranked 49th, 49th in its participation in SCHIP and meeting the needs of the children of Texas.”

Reps. Pete Stark (CA-13) and Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01):

Rep. Stark: “As somebody who’s raising two children who are now 6, the reason we’re waiting is for what we call in our household a ‘time-out.’ You go to your room and think about the mistake you made and when you’re ready to apologize and come back and set things straight, you can come out of your room. That’s what the two-week period is all about.”
Rep. Shea-Porter: “The President and his supporters in Congress want to take hard-working Americans’ tax dollars and spend it — but not on the kids. No, in Iraq, in the middle of a civil war. $190 billion is the President’s new request for Iraq as he turns around to the children and the hard-working families in America and says, just don’t get sick, kids.”

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR-03):

Rep. Blumenauer: “My Republican friends need some time to get their facts straight. I get tired [of] hearing these phony arguments. We're going to be covering some adults. Why are we covering some adults? Because the Republican administration granted state waivers for some states to be able to deal with some experiments to add to them. And this legislation stops the ability to grant those waivers that the Bush administration enacted. We're talking about how it should be just poor children. Somehow I heard somebody talking about $200,000 levels… Hogwash! There was one state that requested a waiver, New York, that would have taken it up to $83,000 [and] that was denied!”
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