Congress Votes to Provide Health Care for 10 Million Children

Posted on by Karina

By a vote of 265-142, the House has passed the revised State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), H.R. 3963.

Chairwoman Slaughter and Speaker Pelosi during debate:

Chairwoman Slaughter: “I feel strongly that what motivated me and so many of my colleagues to come to Washington in the first place was the thought that, on any day, a vote could be held that would improve the lives of millions of people throughout our country. And that is exactly the chance that we have been given here today. We are again granted the chance to vote for a bill that will advance medical care in this country, improve the health of our youngest citizens, and offer new hope and help for literally millions of children who would otherwise be left without either.”
Speaker Pelosi: “And so we have this opportunity once again for this Congress to speak and vote in support of children.”
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