On the President’s Comments Criticizing Congress

You would think that the President would take pride in the New Direction Congress' bipartisan votes to make America safer by implementing the 9/11 Commission recommendations, give hard-working Americans a raise by increasing the minimum wage, make college more affordable for many more Americans, pass an Innovation Agenda to keep America number one, and uphold a high ethical standard by passing a sweeping lobbying and ethics reform bill. The President signed all these bipartisan bills; yet now he calls them a waste of time.

And the President calls Congressional oversight that has uncovered tens of billions of dollars in waste, fraud, and abuse in Iraq a 'waste of time.' We call billions spent in no-bid contracts to Halliburton a waste of money.

Instead of criticizing Congress, the President's time would be better spent working in a bipartisan way to end this disastrous war in Iraq, keep our promises to our veterans by providing the largest veterans' health care investment in history, and providing health care for 10 million children.

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