Energy and Commerce Hearing on Consumer Safety

The Energy Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection is currently holding a hearing, “Comprehensive Children's Product Safety and Consumer Product Safety Commission Reform Legislation” (pdf). Acting Chair Nancy Nord of the Consumer Product Safety Commission will testify, amongst others.

Watch the hearing live >>

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL-09) gives opening remarks:

Rep. Schakowsky: “Families across the country should not have to worry about the toys that their children play with are poisoning them or that their cribs are killing their babies in the middle of the night due to a design flaw. Most American assume that the government is already doing that work, 75% of people believe that the government conducts pre-market testing on children's products for example. Just like they trust the government when a package of eggs or chicken is marked USDA inspected and approved. Americans should trust the government to do more than outline voluntary standards for an industry that profits on children, those who are most vulnerable.”

Rep. Diana DeGette (CO-01) questions Nord:

Rep. DeGette: “In my opening statement, I'm sure you heard me say that we had 150 recall notices for children's products and toys this year, 90 last year and 60 going back to 2002. In your opening statement you had disputed those numbers, but the way we got those numbers was my staff went to the CPSC website and actually counted the number of recalls. Maybe it's because you're defining it more narrowly, you're only defining toys and I'm defining children's products and toys. And your staff is now nodding in agreement… But the basic bottom line is, my point is, that the recall notices for this category — children's products and toys — are going up. I think it's likely because we have so many increasing imports coming in from abroad. Would you not agree with that?”
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